Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio is a feature length documentary film that I co-directed and edited with Ryan Douglass in 2014. It won Best Documentary in the fall of 2014 from the New Jersey Film Festival.

For over 30 years, Martin Bisi has been recording music from his studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. After a chance New York encounter, the studio was founded with money from Brian Eno, who subsequently worked on the album On Land there. Bisi has worked with many influential musicians, including Sonic Youth, Swans, Herbie Hancock and the Dresden Dolls. Now though, he finds himself squeezed in by the approaching gentrification of his neighborhood.

The documentary includes interviews with musicians such as Lee Ranaldo, Michael Gira, Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls, Bob Bert, Bill Laswell and Michael Holman.